For many real estate agents today, the grind is unforgiving. Conversions are low, hours are long, and the vast majority of success is monopolized by those few at the top. Rather than enjoy a life of freedom and residual income, agents are tied down and struggling.

Although real estate marketing is not easy, that doesn’t mean real estate agents have to flounder, be unsatisfied, and be unable to carve out the lifestyle they want. If you’re a real estate agent feeling like you’re stuck on the wheel and getting nowhere, you’re far from alone.

With the right real estate marketing strategy, trusted and consummate real estate professionals, and actionable real estate materials, you can dramatically accelerate the trajectory of your real estate business.

As the fastest-growing brokerage in the world, eXp Realty is home to more than 84,000 agents who have taken their real estate business to the next level.

There are many ways eXp Realty can help real estate agents new and old. These incredible benefits make eXp one of the leading innovators in the real estate industry.

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Critical Benefits for All Real Estate Agents

eXp Realty provides its brokers and agents with a unique experience, one that can free up time, generate dependable residual income, and empower a lifestyle that is fun, productive, and primed for meaningful growth.

With many invaluable resources at their fingertips, eXp real estate agents can truly optimize their work lives and their lives at large. In fact, according to the 2022 RealTrends 500 Report, eXp ranks Number One in the following categories:

  • Independent in the U.S.
  • Mover in Transactions
  • Mover in 5-Year Sales Volume Percentage

The real estate marketing genius of the brokerage resides in its top-of-the-line technologies, attractive compensation structure, and truly global reach.

Whether in commercial real estate, residential real estate, or industrial real estate, agents and brokers can unlock the lifestyles they envision with the residual income they’ve always wanted. Real estate experts like Traci Gagnon of eXp can help you to achieve this.

With a simple clarity call, Traci has helped over 6,000 brokers make the life-changing switch of their dreams.


The following real estate marketing strategies, tools, and technologies are varied and integrative, meaning that any real estate professional can optimize his or her strategy based on his or her specific needs, desires, and objectives.

The Top Customizable Real Estate Marketing Materials

Before an agent can bring a real estate marketing idea to life, there must be tangible, physical materials. These materials not only explicitly and implicitly present the real estate marketing plan, but they also help to drive traffic, generate leads, and seal lucrative deals.

Whether by leveraging important keywords and focal points in search engines, harnessing the appeal of affiliated local businesses, designing beautifully branded letters and postcards, or designing engaging and powerful content on real estate websites, there are many ways to optimize one’s real estate marketing ideas.

These offline and online marketing materials include:

Captivating Real Estate Flyers and Brochures

iron tables with logos

Every real estate agent needs to market attractive listings, selling points, and property descriptions to generate quality leads and increase conversions. Whether picking a specific design for an ideal target market, exploring a particular niche of potential clients, or maintaining past clients, a real estate agent needs high-quality flyers and brochures.

Through an easy to use interface, brokerages like eXp offer a full range of customizable flyers and brochures that any real estate agent can use. With these attractive, relevant, and accessible templates, agents don’t need to necessarily have top marketing skills.

How to Employ Real Estate Flyers and Brochures

Such flyers and brochures are a great way to capture local leads through local listings. Advertise an open house, explain the buying or selling process, or simply overview a variety of property listings.

The best part of this marketing material is that it can encompass many real estate marketing ideas. Whether you deliver them to promote a single top-notch listing, want to showcase multiple featured listings, are presenting a recently sold property of yours, or are simply advertising your services as an agent, good brochures and flyers can serve many purposes.

With the right flyers and brochures, agents can build their brand while reaching the potential buyers and qualified leads they need.

Graphics for Social Media Platforms


A large part of successful real estate marketing (and the real estate industry as a whole) is visual appeal. When potential clients see stunning images of that perfect property or land, the likelihood of a conversion increases significantly.

One of the top ways to leverage this visual real estate marketing strategy is through social media.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing Ideas

Practically all people today have social media accounts, so agents must use the features of these accounts to drive real estate sales. You may display a gorgeous beach estate just sold, post multiple images of highly appealing properties just listed, or simply present virtual tours to attract your target audience.

With specific marketing messages accompanied by powerful imagery and videos, social media accounts can become part of a very successful marketing method. Regular posts on social media utilizing innovative content are some of the most worthwhile marketing efforts out there.

Top Quality Direct Mail Postcards

According to the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail produced an almost 4 percent response rate from home buyers, compared to a response rate to digital marketing of roughly 0.6 percent. That’s almost a seven-fold increase! In other words, direct mail marketing efforts can be extremely useful when pursuing prospective clients.


This is why it’s so important that real estate agents have access to postcard designs that provide compelling, relevant, and visually appealing content. The last thing you want is a postcard that looks unprofessional.

Marketing Ideas for Direct Mail Postcards

Whether you’re alerting potential customers to new property listings, informing them of changes in the real estate industry, or showcasing that gorgeous home you just sold, postcards are a crucial aspect of any real estate marketing strategy.

They’re also a great way to brainstorm your marketing ideas. Do you show your bio picture or a property picture? What font do you use? What kind of headings? What’s the message behind these marketing strategies? How about holiday postcards or general greetings and updates? Are you highlighting local events or local sponsorships?

These are all important considerations for any real estate marketing idea, which is why eXp Realty offers a database of customizable designs perfect for any marketing plan.

Real Estate Business Cards

In the real estate industry, your personal branding is your everything. What your target audience thinks of you, sales that you’ve closed, clients and fellow professionals that work with you – all of these are indispensable in an effective marketing plan.

smartphone and coffee

But how will people know if you don’t tell them? The last thing you want is to fail to highlight your greatest strengths, achievements, and accolades. Depending on your real estate marketing ideas, you’re going to want a business card that is sleek, concise, and communicative.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Business Cards

In other words, your real estate marketing should not sound hokey or pitchy. You want to come across as a trusted professional with one or more real estate businesses of record. You want to be approachable, open, and accomplished. If you’re new to the industry, your real estate marketing ideas may focus more on your current firm or industry trajectory.

All of these real estate marketing ideas may differ significantly depending on your unique experiences, qualifications, and achievements. That’s why you’ll need access to the perfect business card design fit to your personal brand and signature.

Real Estate Newsletters

Newsletters are among some of the best marketing ideas available to agents. Not only do they include pertinent information about the business, but they can also reference all kinds of local events, developments, and market factors.

In using newsletters as part of your comprehensive marketing plan, it’s important to remember balance. You want to show that you are an expert in your local market, but you don’t want to make your local marketing overtake the message.


How to Use Newsletters in Real Estate Marketing

The trick is to share important information that potential clients, past clients, or current clients will find useful and interesting. You can talk about new openings in the neighborhood, types of construction underway, or any other local business that may be associated with these developments.

Newsletters are also a good opportunity for you to discuss your brand, business growth, and even relationships with other agents or professionals. You may discuss challenges and successes clients have had with the home buying process, new marketing materials that are available, or simply exciting real estate services that you’re offering.

By showcasing your expert real estate marketing ideas while providing actionable information unique to people in your market, you can effectively position yourself as a top agent. As marketing collateral, newsletters can make all the difference.

Real Estate Marketing for Events

Traditional marketing ideas for events include open houses, meet-and-greets, and seminars. But what if these real estate marketing ideas can be transcendental and offer a level of experience that other agents are not providing?


Before you elevate your event marketing, you should have the proper vehicle to communicate this form of real estate marketing. So-called event kits are essentially packages that provide all necessary information, including exciting real estate marketing ideas, timelines and dates, major topics and points addressed, special guests or attendees, and more.

Rather than boringly communicate, you want to provide an event kit that is rich with imagery, strong headlines and phrases, and relevant industry information and content. With the help of a good marketing team, such as eXp Realty, you can make this happen.

Creating Experiential Marketing

One of the ways to really get the most out of an event is by adding spice to it. Don’t just hold a passive-speaking event or a bland open house. Engage with local businesses, activists, and celebrities. Record and stream it through professional websites or supplement it with a virtual tour. Hold the event in a unique setting like an arboretum, a newly minted restaurant, or on a listed property.

The point is simply to create an immersive and well-rounded event that offers more than merely a stilted talk. Attract other professionals and provide education and training. Whatever you do, try to integrate fun and exciting real estate marketing ideas in a way that makes sense.

You don’t only want to intrigue potential buyers or current home buyers. You want to deliver authentic value that can establish a rapport for the rest of your professional career. An open house can only do so much. With the right primary marketing channels, however, you can create something truly memorable.

laptop and tablet

Supplementing Physical Marketing with Digital Marketing

A top marketing manager from a company like eXp Realty can help. There are many ways to further your marketing strategy. Physical marketing materials are only one of multiple real estate marketing ideas that should be included in any successful agent’s repertoire.

Digital marketing is also a very fundamental part of any sound and consistent advertising and marketing campaign. These other marketing efforts work by delivering organic traffic, generating leads, and making conversions across the vast and nuanced world of the web.

No successful real estate professional should operate without an optimized website, a strong social media presence, and a powerful network of offline and online resources. Across the digital spectrum, real estate professionals can not only secure lucrative deals and residual income, they can also leverage the top tools and technologies, 24/7, that the industry offers.

Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Digital marketing is critical, and there is no better case study in the real estate industry than the rapidly growing success of eXp Realty. With a global community of more than 84,000 individuals in more than 21 various locations, the brokerage provides unparalleled access to technology.

social connections

These top-notch tools and services can be utilized via a cloud-based ecosystem from virtually anywhere in the world. This also means ample opportunities to market yourself wherever you choose, increase your mobility and connectivity, and boost your take-home pay. Due to low overheads and improved collaboration capabilities, you can truly maximize your real estate potential.

There are various ways in which realty professionals can use marketing online to elevate their game. With advanced digital strategies and technologies, you no longer have to be stuck in the rat race.

Whether you’re hosting virtual tours, creating experiential marketing, or building a massive newsletter following, you can accelerate these efforts through digital resources. Build wealth, have fun, and enjoy the residual income streams you’ve always wanted.

Using Social Media as a Real Estate Professional

Nowadays, every agent needs to be using social media consistently, productively, and effectively. According to data gathered by the National Association of Realtors, 97% of home seekers use internet searches. Moreover, 57% of polled realtors use social media daily and 69% of them have their own websites.


Internet use, and social media use specifically, are critical to the success of real estate marketing. Online marketing is a must-have.

However, if you’re going on Facebook or Twitter sporadically, you’re never going to make a lasting impression. You’ll stagnate and your growth will be scant to none. This is a big problem for realty professionals who want to grow their brands efficiently.

Of course, social media use is not always intuitive. Spending time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or elsewhere can be a time-consuming process. It can take time away from the other critical aspects of marketing, detracting from potential conversions and sales, bogging you down, and hurting your business.

This is why you must use social media in a cost-effective way.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas Via Virtual Assistants

One of the top things a real estate professional can do is hire a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant essentially handles all aspects and daily operations of your accounts. While you can dictate the kind of messaging you want, the pictures and videos you want, and the overall tone of content you want, your virtual assistant will handle all the menial tasks.

сonquest of the peak

This means an assistant can post, provide status updates, add friends and accounts, and just generally ensure your presence across various platforms is consistent and engaging.

Another way an assistant can help is by linking your various other marketing to social media. This means posting Facebook and Twitter buttons on your real estate website, including links in your email marketing campaigns, and integrating your various social media platforms for optimal crossover.

You can also always use the various forms of promotions and advertisements on social media to target your ideal audience, market, and prospective customers.

Real Estate Marketing Through Social Media Ads

Let’s face it, the internet is not what it used to be. You used to be able to get by on regular, engaging posting alone. With a focused effort, you can target the necessary parties and interact with those interested in pursuing your services.

The times have changed. With the saturation, vastness, and intricacy of the internet today, paid advertisements are now practically necessary for you to optimize your marketing plan. If you aren’t paying for social media ads, your competitors have the advantage.


As a result, you may get fewer impressions, less engagement, and ultimately fewer leads and conversions.

Advertising Campaign Features for Real Estate

There are many ways to set up advertising and marketing campaigns through social media. Whether you are paying for impressions or clicks on Facebook or professionally targeting your home images on Instagram, the landscape is dense and nuanced.

You can even target similar products, keywords, or audiences, which allows a range of marketing versatility. You can track the shifts and changes via numerous metrics, tinkering with all types of campaign settings, including time frame, specialized messages, targeted ads, associated ad bids, costs, and more.

Perhaps you want to target multifamily housing or tenancies in common (TIC). Maybe you’re interested in a hyperlocal, niche market. Perhaps you’re even interested in targeting fellow agents or brokers who may then share your brand and business with others.

No matter your goals, regardless of your aims, professional social media marketers and optimization specialists can help you tailor your ads for maximum relevancy and success.


Free, Informative, and Useful Content

Who doesn’t like something free? Whether free money, free food, or other free products and services, people are attracted to things that have no strings attached. Especially in today’s economically distressed times, everybody is looking to save as much as possible.

This is why it’s critical that you give away free items, free information, and free services like virtual tours to entice future clients, expand your brand, and establish yourself in the space.

There are many ways you can capitalize on free information. Remember, just because you’re giving something away doesn’t mean you’re shortchanging yourself. According to some statistics, free giveaways can boost potential sales by as much as 2,000%!

Why is this? Simple, because people have to know what you’re about before they try your products and services. Just as people may want a free sample of a new food item before buying a larger quantity, potential clients want a free sample of your content before they try something.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Free Giveaways

When deciding what to give away for free, you should consider an option that is both informative and incomplete. For instance, if you write a blog on local residential real estate for sale, you want to provide the reader with plenty of information about market trends, listing prices, demographic variables, and more. However, you also want the reader to crave more.

light bulbs

For instance, you may offer a paid bundle with all the top products and more in-depth and updated statistics that provide an ‘insider’ level of understanding. You may link to an ebook at a discounted price, or you may give away one ebook for free and provide the sequel at a sale.

Whether you host free seminars, use infographics, offer ebooks, blogs, or other content, make sure you’re gathering data. Create a landing page where you aggregate names and email lists to build your target audience. In this way, you exchange free or discounted content for subscribers.

You can even use call tracking software to capture leads by saving numbers and number sources, recording calls, and auto-responding and transcribing. With call tracking and email building, you can make the most of the leads you’ve attracted with free material.

This is why giving away free content is one of the most effective marketing ideas out there. As long as you provide useful, compelling content, you can generate more leads and potentially convert leads to clients.

One way to capture subscriber data is by linking to a signup page on your website.

Mobile-Optimized Real Estate Websites and Blogs

Over 50% of web traffic today comes from mobile devices, meaning that any smart professional absolutely must have a website to fully succeed. Among millennials, the smartphone is the preferred option over laptops or desktops.


Given that the majority of homebuyers and real estate owners are now younger, reaching this generation is crucial. However, optimizing a website for smartphones is different from optimizing it for other devices.

Smartphone internet surfing is designed to be efficient, convenient, and accessible. The websites should be no different. Potential homebuyers will be zipping through their phones, trying to make sense of numerous listings and real estate aspects. A mobile-friendly website will target this inclination in various ways.

Optimizing Real Estate Websites for Marketing

Firstly, a mobile-optimized real estate website should be easy to load. The frame rate should be fast, the loading should be succinct, the format should be navigable, and the various web pages should be easily accessed. From the homepage, the layout should be intuitive.

You don’t want a million links to all kinds of unrelated properties. You want website visitors to quickly find out about your services, your achievements, and what you can do for them. How do you meet their needs? How are you an expert? Where’s the proof?


The proof is important, and while it will include professional accolades and achievements, it should also include other emotive and engaging features.

There are certain ways you can achieve this, but examples include visually stunning content:

  • Showcase reputable commercial businesses
  • Link to local and non-local resources
  • Present a professional bio picture with a concise but gravitating bio
  • Highlight a shimmering beach property at sunrise and dusk
  • Present a picturesque panorama of a mountain ridge lodge

If you don’t know how to do this, you’re not alone. Therefore, it might be a wise investment to seek out specialists and tech-savvy professionals who can make your website into a truly enjoyable, functional, and engaging product.

Using Professionals for Your Real Estate Website

The first impression people get of you could be your website. The last thing you want to do is spoil that opportunity.

With the help of a professional photographer and website designer, you can truly make your website both an informative and breathtaking experience. People are visual creatures, and if they like what they see, your services will seem more impressive, and your website will be more memorable, than your competitors.

the guy is looking at binoculars

Regularly Updating Blogs

The terms blog and website are often used interchangeably, but there is one crucial difference. A blog contains content that is frequently updated. As a real estate professional, you may provide anecdotes about your business, such as visiting new exciting properties or exploring ideal locations, like beautiful beach resorts or remote mountain towns.

A blog often features a personalized touch. It’s an opportunity to interweave your professional expertise with your unique style and flair. You should craft your distinct voice, providing a glimpse into your life as not just a real estate mind but as someone passionate and relatable.

People love blogs because they add dimension. They feel more honest and transparent. They don’t have to follow the guardrails of normal professional conduct and can be a little spunky, wild or fun.

Understanding Blog Content

Blog posts can also have a lot of variety. One post may be your thoughts on the latest market trends. Another post may be about having fun on a road trip, closing for a new client, or simply touting your latest professional achievement.

Blogs should be a vehicle to showcase your true self while reinforcing the idea that you’re a realty expert with a lot to offer.

If you’re just out there dryly reciting industry statistics, closing prices, and realty jargon, people may find you boring. If, however, you can inject your personality into relatable posts and activities, you can better connect with clients.

Of course, none of this will matter if people can’t find your website or blog in the first place. This is where search engine optimization becomes so vital.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Real Estate Marketing

The Google search engine alone sees roughly 5.6 billion searches a day, and then you have to think about other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo! Simply put, Google is massive with seemingly endless search queries, results, and website/webpage listings.

If you aren’t optimized for Google, nobody will ever find your site. Nobody will know about all the great things your business page, website, or real estate services can offer. You’ll never see the growth you want, experience the residual income you want, or achieve the career and lifestyle goals you want.

This is where search engine optimization can change the game entirely.

Why You Need An SEO Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Simply put, SEO is what makes websites and web pages rank higher in search engines. It’s what makes some businesses come up on the first page of results while others are buried in the heap 15 pages back. To fully optimize your website, you need to target many complicated, nuanced, and constantly changing variables.

SEO Real Estate Marketing

SEO experts can help you keep ahead of the curve, favor the algorithms, and appear at the top of search results.

One great way to do this is by using all types of relevant and competitive keywords. Another way is to use headings and subheadings that contain these keywords. Yet another way is to include rich, relevant images and important, connected links that ensure your pages and content are fully integrated.

There are also many other factors, metrics, and influences that can help your content to rank higher for particular niches, local listings, and more. Understanding this, however, can be extremely difficult and require the expertise of great technical minds and content specialists.

Fortunately, Google itself does offer one way of gaining traction and driving traffic. That way is through a Google Business Profile.

Using the Google Business Page for Real Estate Marketing

Almost half of Google searches are for local products and services, making local targeting specifically important. When a real estate professional claims a business profile, that business essentially becomes valid in the eyes of the search engine.


There are many reasons to claim a profile:

  • Verify your existence
  • Boost legitimacy
  • Inform searchers of your offerings
  • Inform searchers of your location and contact method
  • Inform searchers of your hours of operation
  • Inform searchers of negative and positive reviews
  • Provide additional information about your business
  • Drive traffic to a professional website

A Google Business Profile also allows you to make posts and promote deals and sales, track your reach and influence through Google, respond to negative and positive reviews, record calls and messages, create a Google website, and run Google ads for targeted marketing.

These avenues and pathways for marketing are important not only because Google is the biggest search engine on Earth. They are important because local marketing is a strategy that can significantly help a real estate professional boost brand awareness, business success, and career trajectory.

If you want to build a more passive and residual income, using the immense resources of Google is the way to go. With nearly 90% of consumers visiting or calling a store within a day of searching for it, the importance of local targeting has never been more vital.

Once you’ve connected with engaged local consumers, you want to keep tabs on them.

One of the top ways to target and reach these potential buyers more personally is through email.

Email Campaigns as a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

With over two million real estate licenses currently active in the U.S. alone, the industry has become infinitely difficult and competitive. Many professionals drop out after just half a decade, worn out, beaten up, and wondering what’s next. More often than not, agents simply don’t see a path to success.

Although the questions remain, the answers can be hard to find. How do you engage potential buyers and sellers? How do you bridge the gap with other successful realtors, brokers, contractors, and industry experts? How do you establish a strong network with people you can trust?

One way to do this is through email marketing.

How Can Email Marketing Campaigns Help?

For home buyers and sellers, the process can be long and arduous. It may take years, with constant shifts, challenges, and reconsiderations. Future clients and current clients may change their minds repeatedly. Market factors may become onerous. Unforeseen problems can arise.

This is why email campaigns can be so useful. Through consistent, targeted emails, an agent can connect with past, present, and future clients. This contact can build a rapport, shape clients for the future, and prepare a target audience for a potential purchase or sale that might have otherwise never happened.


Email campaigns are an efficient way to reach numerous interested parties, tweak messaging and delivery, and present relevant and engaging information.

There are several reasons emailing can be so useful.

Optimizes Freedom & Control

These email campaigns allow you freedom, more than most other online and digital efforts. The main reason is that you can completely manage all aspects of the plan. You can target specific audiences or segments, arrange for a set send time, customize every facet of the email content itself, and track all important metrics.

With other online and digital plans, such as social media, you don’t always know who is seeing your post or message. With Google, you can’t possibly determine all the people seeing your message. Email campaigns are different. You can set the precise recipient list, set the precise time, and forget about it.

Using email automation platforms like MailChimp, you can send tailored messages to thousands of people with just one click! It’s a great resource that saves you time, energy, and money.

Personalized Content

Emails, like letters, can feel very personal This helps to forge a crucial relationship that may turn a hesitant reader into a client for life. With emails, you can refer to recipients by their names, insert highly tailored greetings, messages, and farewells, and incorporate imagery, videos, and graphics that specifically pertain to certain people.


Seeing an advertisement on social media is one thing because you know others are seeing it too. However, receiving a personalized email in your inbox with your name is something different altogether different.

Broad Appeal

Emails are also great because they target a large swath of people. Regardless of socioeconomic status, race, religion, or other demographic factors, the vast majority of people on the planet have an email.

With social media, some people may use Facebook, while other demographics may favor Twitter or Instagram. Some people may only check their accounts once in a blue moon, whereas others are on their social media multiple times every day.

Email is great because people check their emails constantly, with the explicit purpose of seeing if they received something important. On social media, oftentimes people just scroll through passively. The intent to respond or do anything may be lacking. With email, recipients are actively seeking actionable and useful content. Social media use, by comparison, is often just a mindless distraction.

night club

Specific Audience Targeting

Also known as segmenting your audience, this tactic can be extremely useful and allows you to specifically tailor your messages and campaigns to the right people. Consider the case of two types of clients. One type of client is actively seeking new apartment units. The other type is looking to sell homes.

With segmentation, you can create email campaigns that meet these needs and objectives. If you constantly send apartment information to clients who aren’t looking to buy, they might unsubscribe from your email list and then you’ve lost a potential seller for life.

With smart segmentation you can ensure you get the right message to the right audience, improving the chance of conversion and ensuring you don’t alienate them with improper messaging. This can be a game-changer when handling an array of audience segments all with different profiles and inclinations.

With a little bit of tinkering and some customization, you can effectively target multiple groups of thousands of people with different messages.


Email can also be integrated with other strategies you employ. For instance, you may include social media buttons in your emails to increase engagement across your accounts. You may alert people to your website or provide unique and personalized information about upcoming virtual tours, events, and openings. You may provide access to webinars and blogs.

There are many ways to use email and other marketing strategies to grow your reach, establish your brand, and ultimately build the business you want. With the help of cutting-edge brokerages like eXp Realty, this all becomes significantly more possible.

How eXp Changes the Marketing Game

Your real estate career isn’t just a career. It’s a way of life. It’s a springboard for the kind of freedom, living, and residual income you’ve always craved. At eXp Realty, professionals have 24/7 access to a global cloud-based ecosystem that is truly revolutionary. You can work from anywhere in the world while connecting with the top minds in your industry.

This environment creates a collaborative, empowering, and ultimately extremely satisfying workspace. Want to work from a vacation spot? Feel like scheduling your hours around your life, instead of the other way around? Do you prefer nights over days? Taking long weekends or sleeping in?

Why eXp Realty Is Different

With eXp Realty’s network of varied professionals, innovative tools and technologies, and unmatched models of service, you can experience something altogether fresh and rewarding.


In many ways, eXp Realty disrupts the status quo, becoming something akin to the Amazon of brokerages. Through a lack of physical infrastructure, agents across the world can take ownership over their lives, driving real innovation, fueling unique success, and fulfilling lifelong dreams of work-life balance.

The benefits of working with eXp are numerous when compared to more traditional firms. Professionals can enjoy:

  • Live Online Education and Training
  • 24/7 Real Time Support Networks
  • ZERO Leases and Desk Fees
  • Revolutionary Revenue Cascades
  • Free and Generative Lead Tools
  • High Equity Access and Opportunity

The opportunities are endless, which is why eXp is an industry leader and innovator unlike any other. If you’re an agent struggling to transform your career, stuck in the hamster wheel, and feeling disoriented, you’re not alone.

A successful real estate business is about success in the way you structure your life. It’s about changing your day-to-day from a long and unrewarding grind to a balanced, fun, and money-making lifestyle. You don’t simply want to work hard to make money. You want to love what you’re doing while enjoying the fruits of your labor.

girl with a guy on the beach

eXp Realty has received numerous awards and distinctions for a reason. With transformative power for agents and industry professionals everywhere, the company continues to enjoy a reputation that precedes it.

Make the most of your marketing, level up your career, and create the freedom to live as you please when you please. If you’re looking to change your life today, then look no further.

Through a high-quality clarity call, Traci Gagnon can help you start the process today. Don’t be just another mouse on the wheel running hard but running on fumes. Take ownership of your career, your life, and your future. Make the move today.

Traci Gagnon

Traci has been in Real Estate for 18 years, and her 3rd year in Real Estate she opened a Century 21 franchise with 5 agents. She grew that to over 220 agents and the number 4 Century office in the nation. She sold that at the top of the market – weeks before it crashed – then went on the professional speaking circuit teaching agents and brokers how to build their real estate business. She is the author of several books, including the critically acclaimed Defy the Odds.

Author: Traci Gagnon

Traci has been in Real Estate for 18 years, and her 3rd year in Real Estate she opened a Century 21 franchise with 5 agents. She grew that to over 220 agents and the number 4 Century office in the nation. She sold that at the top of the market – weeks before it crashed – then went on the professional speaking circuit teaching agents and brokers how to build their real estate business. She is the author of several books, including the critically acclaimed Defy the Odds.

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