What back office document/transaction management software does eXp use?

- We use a high end version of Zipform that ties into Skyslope - which in my experience is a little more intuitive than Dotloop but serves the same function.

Are there any additional fees associated with the document/transaction management software?

- Nope.

Is it fully integrated with eXp’s CRM platform?

- Not the lead gen (KVCore for free!!!)

Is a turnkey personal/agent website included? Are there any additional fees associated with the agent’s website?

- Yes - you get a KVCore gorgeous website! Free. Really! No fees!

Is IDX integration automatic/turnkey?

- Yup!

Is the website fully integrated with the eXp CRM software?

- The CRM and the website are all one. It does not tie into Skyslope or Zipform.

Once an agent imports their contacts into eXp’s CRM, are those contacts now the property of eXp?

- No. They are yours. If you leave you can clean out your leads. In the ICA it says eXp can reassign them - I've never known them to do that but like most companies in all industries they reserve the right - so if you leave just download and delete to protect yourself.

Does the CRM include integrated e-marketing tools such as email drip campaigns, mass texting, etc.?

- Yes!! The best in the industry. Let's set you up for a KVCore demo - you'll be blown away!

Does the CRM include integrated print marketing templates such as postcards/mailers, brochures, buyer’s guides, listing presentations, etc.

- You can get a subscription to Breakthrough Broker for FREE for all that stuff.

May I test drive the back-end of the website and see how the sites are operated, and how much manual entry is required for initial setup?

- Sure!!!

Is IDX integration automatic/turnkey?

- Yup!

Is the CRM fully integrated with the back-end document/transaction management software? (e.g., Dotloop, ZipForms, etc.)

- No. But that's a brilliant idea!

May I test drive eXp’s CRM software?

- That would be a question for KVCore. Let's set up a demo with them.

Does exp utilize an extended listing service such as the Keller Williams Listing Service (KWLS) that automatically broadcasts/post agent listings to hundreds of other listing websites (such as zillow, homes.com, realtor.com, etc, etc.)

- Yes!! Even more than KW.

Does each agent have direct access to a local compliance manager/officer on each transaction?

- Yes!! We have 3 - the one for Houston is a former ReMax Hall of Fame recipient and her TREC number starts with a 1.

Does each agent have direct and daily access to a local broker/mentor/coach for daily transactional questions and guidance?

- Business days unless something is on fire. There are over 20 hours of live classes a week - and we have coaches and mentors available - don't know anything about pricing for them.

Does exp allow agents to list their own personal property for sale, or will an agent wanting to sell their own real estate need to hire another eXp agent to list it for them?

- That's an E and O questions. I would suggest you have a colleague list it as a courtesy. You can do 3 personal sides a year without paying eXp.

Is the training that is offered direct from exp mostly targeted towards new agents? And, are there plenty of training opportunities for established agents looking to grow and expand their skills and knowledge?

- You'll find that's one of the biggest reasons folks join eXp - we have so much training and the schedule. Most of the classes are upper level - all of us Agent Owners can teach classes so no week is ever the same. We also have tons of Texas only classes for contracts and such. There are over 600 hours of canned training as well and over 100 hours of training JUST on KVCore. Here is the link to the classes.

Are there any additional fees for training?

- There is a $420 University tuition that comes out of your first closing - your stock award covers a big chuck of that. All other training is FREE!!!!

Are there any local physical offices available for meeting clients other than thru Regus? If Regus is the only option, are there additional fees? If so, what are the fees?

- You'll get a Regus membership for the 'common areas' like the think pods and coffee bar. There are reduced fees to get a private office or conference room. One of our colleague - who was a mega at KW before coming to eXp - did 20 deals last year from working out of Regus.

Are there monthly or quarterly team meetings that are specific to our local market area? If so, are they face-to-face meetings, or online?

- We have avatar meetings all the time - and the research on coming to work as an avatar is fascinating - and there are lots of Houston meetings, too.

Is there a separate farm & ranch division of eXp?

- We have several agents that do farm and ranch. We don't charge folks to work special areas of the market - when I was with KW I was horrified at how much they made me pay to say I was a luxury agent....

Please provide more information about eXp’s REO and commercial divisions.

- We have several commercial agents - I can connect you with them if you'd like - I don't know anyone working REO in this hot market - we just have all the stuff set up for it when it hits again.

Does eXp have brokers in all 50 US states?

- 49 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

Does eXp have any international brokers? If so, is there any additional support for agents interested in an international transfer/opportunity?

- We are in Canada. The company intends to continue expansion.

Are there any royalty fees?

- Nope. We are not a franchise.

Do you have a comprehensive, one page list of all potential fees an agent might incur from eXp for the 2017 and 2018 calendar year?

eXp Honors the cap you’ve paid to your current company per transaction fee
* $16,000 Yearly Cap
* 80/20 Commission Split on $80,000 GCI
* 100% for the remainder of your year
* $25 Broker Review
* $30 E&O Insurance for 17 deals a year then free!
* $250 Transaction Fee AFTER you CAP for next 20 deals, then only $75

How does your lead program work?

- You'll get KVCore Site - for free!!

Information about stock options and the percentage for recruiting additional agents in the future.

- We get stock many ways - one of them is recruiting. We are currently at about 13,000 agents.


Is there any special benefits to being a "leader" vs just another agent with your brokerage?

- Well, for us being leaders has been very financially and emotionally rewarding. We've earned over $390,000 in the past 12 months in Rev Share - in large part because we are first to market in many areas. Of course anyone can become a leader in our ground breaking company.

Is there a minimum commission paid to the company or number of transactions closed that qualifies an agent to receive revenue share?

- 5,000 every 6 months is correct.

If an agent has producing agents in their down line but the sponsoring agent hasn’t closed a transaction, can the sponsoring agent pay a fee to qualify to receive revenue share.

- Correct, the price is outlined in the contract. It starts at $50 a month after 6 months then goes up from there.



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