Making It Rain is a lead generation program delivering leads to eXp Realty agents and brokers by launching advertising campaigns on their behalf and driving that traffic to the agent’s Kunversion website.

Your Site On Page 1 Of Google

With Google Adwords, we can feature your Kunversion site in in one of the top 3 spots for the most favorable real estate related searches based on the areas you choose to target.


Target Using Buy Keywords

When you sign up for the Google Adwords Making It Rain program, the leads tend to end up having more urgency and intent then internet leads generated from another source. Simply put, when using Google Adwords, we target “buy keywords.” If you select Seattle as your desired market, we target people searching things like “Seattle Real Estate” and “Homes For Sale In Seattle.” Naturally, someone searching for these type of things is probably really interested in buying or selling real estate in the future. So driving this kind of traffic to your website can only produce better than average results.

Internet Leads

These are internet leads so you will get a variety of prospects. Some people will be ready to buy in the next month or so, but most will be looking at properties because they have an interest in buying in the next 3 – 6 months. Not to mention you might get the occasional lead who promises they are “Darth Vader” or “Mickey Mouse.” Luckily, the Kunversion system does a magnificent job of providing value over time and, therefore, converting even some of the worst of prospects.


With your Making It Rain campaign, we can target cities, towns, neighborhoods, and even subdivisions. You’ll know your area best. If locals tend to refer to particular areas by neighborhood names, then we recommend selecting a few neighborhoods. If people tend to refer to the area by a town name or city name, those tend to produce better results.


We recommend that you pick no more than 5-6 areas to target. Selecting this number of locations gives your campaign plenty of opportunity to show your ads while not diluting the data to see how well areas are performing. Simply put, targeting 10+ areas makes it difficult to determine what is working and what is not.


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