A couple of weeks before I started this book, Super Dave and I attended Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery. The last time I did that course was about 13 years ago right after I sold my Century 21 office – 6 weeks before the market crashed in 2007.  Whew.  Thank you Don Hobbs for your sage advice that “it was coming”.  Boy were you right!  Anyway, I digress.  It was an absolute pleasure and honor to experience Wealth Mastery again. But one of the things I was reminded of, as Tony reminds us in every event that he does, is that success and wealth are all 80% psychology. 

I was having a conversation with one of my Platinum Partners and was telling him a bit about the very unique business model that eXp has. And he said, “Well, why would someone choose you as their sponsor as opposed to choosing all the other people that might be out there?” And also asked me why I felt like my group had duplicated at a rate that is very, very unusual. We’ve been extremely blessed with incredible duplication. And I thought about it and especially after attending wealth mastery. I really believe it’s because one of the things that I do extraordinarily well is help people focus on success mindsets. I show people how to get to that next level by changing their mindset. You know, I see real estate agent after real estate agent that chases this new system and this new way of doing business. The shiny object syndrome ‘Oh I’m gonna learn how to run these specific ads on Instagram & I’m gonna get 4 million leads’ and you know on and on and on. In real estate, you really can’t spend yourself into oblivion and it’s not just the cost of investing in the systems. It’s the fact that to learn a new system takes you out of production. It’s a distraction. It’s one more thing to try to learn and we only have so much bandwidth. 

The truth of the matter is if you don’t have your mindset right then any system that you’re likely to invest in is very likely to fail. As we all know the very best investment you can make in the entire world, according to Warren Buffett, is an investment in your own personal development. I’ve invested heavily in my own personal development and it has set me completely and totally financially free. And that’s been one of the absolute, greatest blessings. 

The other thing, however, is I’m doing very similar to the same thing that I was doing whenever I had my Century 21 franchise and when I was a recruiter of the year globally for Keller Williams. The difference is that the system that I’m in right now with eXp actually rewards that same behavior at a much higher level than any other real estate company that I was with. 

However, if my mindset wasn’t correct, I would have responded the exact same way that most people respond whenever they are introduced to a new real estate opportunity, or anything new – our natural default is to say, “No, I’m at my wits end.  I’m exhausted, I’m not even up until looking at anything else.” 

I love what Super Dave says, “It would be financially irresponsible for you to say yes or no without really analyzing everything that a new business model might bring to the table.” And again that’s a mindset thing. You’ve always got to make sure that your mind is open to the right things. And that’s one of the most difficult things to master. As we all know, the hardest thing to master in the entire world is these six inches right here between your ears. 

I’m very grateful for the Tony Robbins community and for Tony himself and all the wonderful things that I’ve learned and the way that I’ve grown.  It’s given me the opportunity to really make an investment in so many real estate agents’ lives. You can find out more about Tony’s life-changing programs at www.TonyRobbins.com  

The books you read, the seminars you attend and the people you hang around with.

As Tony’s mentor Jim Rohn said, all the good stuff in life is on the top shelf – and the only way to get to it is to stand on the books you’ve read.  

Author: Traci Gagnon

Traci has been in Real Estate for 18 years, and her 3rd year in Real Estate she opened a Century 21 franchise with 5 agents. She grew that to over 220 agents and the number 4 Century office in the nation. She sold that at the top of the market – weeks before it crashed – then went on the professional speaking circuit teaching agents and brokers how to build their real estate business. She is the author of several books, including the critically acclaimed Defy the Odds.

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